there is no title for this

some people live in a box. they just do. a mental one but a box nonetheless. get out of it people! there are other ideas, values, thoughts, ways of doing things, perspectives, than what you see from within your cardboard brown walls.

boredom is not an excuse to be stupid. maybe. sometimes you have to be stupid to learn anything but if you already know that you’re being stupid is that learning? or just being stupid for stupid’s sake? oh the questions i can dream up…

Free range kids…helicopter moms…organic baby food…cloth vs. disposable diapers…pro or anti immunizations…Conclusion: a parent can read too much stuff, to the point of confusion. i’m glad i didn’t do this as i’m confused enough without reading myself into it.

throat feels a million times better. z-pak meds work folks. i just like to say that “z-pak, z-pak, z-pak”…sounds like a muppet…anywho, tonight i’ll venture back to the streets for my first walk/run in several days. eek.

in case you didn’t know, tomorrow is friday!!! i am super pumped for the weekend for no particular reason. my fam is coming to visit on monday so that will be awesome.

this morning i went in sam’s room to get her up and she was laying on her tummy sucking on her pacifier just looking through the crib slats. we put her to bed on her back of course but lately the lil’ monkey has ended up caddy-cornered or turned all kinds of crazy in the mornings. oh, and this morning she tried to put a cheerio on her toe. it didn’t fit.


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