doo da doo da

you would think i’d learn but i never do. every morning i wish i’d gone to bed earlier the night before and yet, here i sit. it’s past 10 (yeah i’m old, deal) and sam has been asleep for a couple of hours. i’m tired but don’t want to go to bed. i’m also whining right now because i’m tired. i am a complicated bird. pfffffftttt.

why am i shunning capitalization lately? i think it might be laziness. but i do love me some e.e. cummings.

physical therapy today was kinda fun. and kinda sweaty. worked with a trainer instead of my regular therapist. this guy was much more conversational and we talked about running mostly. cool dude. my knees feel pretty dang good lately.

i wanna do something big. i overheard someone at pt say today that they were going to hike the grand canyon to mark their 30th birthday. sweet. someone else’s son i know has ran off to india to become a monk. i do not make this stuff up people. now neither one of those things would be my first choice but you get the idea. something big, something monumental, something memorable, something borderline crazy. do you get tired of hearing me say this? one day y’all are gonna read about this chick who ran off to mongolia or somewheres and pops up every few months in a new location. flat stanley style. there will be pictures. and blog posts.

and now it’s time for some late night popping of the corn.

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