let’s see…

First the good stuff…Happy Father’s Day!!! We had a nice pre-Father’s Day cookout with family yesterday. Sam was a charmer and showed off her crawling belly-scooting skilz.

The 4th of July is near!!! I love that holiday. Because of the fireworks and food but also because it means a day off of work so that will be an extra super short week for me.

Sam thinks Cooper is the most hilarious thing she has ever seen. She sees him and just grins and babbles. Its the cutest thing. She also loves to feed him Cheerios or whatever she happens to be eating. I can hear her baby brain saying “one for doggie, two for me, one for doggie, two for me”. And I realize that this means she is consuming more dog spit than is probably healthy but I don’t stress over these things.

And the not so good stuff…I am sick. Again. Doc isn’t sure why I’m having all these sore throats. He tested me for strep, again, and for mono. Both negative. Another zpack will be consumed and my toothbrush replaced. I missed book club. Again. I’m the worst book club member in history methinks.

Sam and Cooper

Happy Father’s Day!

3 thoughts on “let’s see…

  1. I LOVE that pic. Seriously. and Next – not the worst book club member by a long shot. Remember we have one that only came twice. We did miss you yesterday though. So get better for the next time Missy!

  2. Haha, I came over here to say LOVE (all caps) that pic, but I see the comment is already taken. But I do. Precious, precious girl.

    And feel better, mom!

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