because its 1:00 am, I am old, & this is my blog

for those reasons above, i am going to squint bleary-eyed into a much too bright computer screen and complain for a few minutes.

obligatory disclaimers and qualifiers: yes yes i know some people have real problems. so if you’re so concerned about them, by all means, stop reading this whiney drivel and go read about them or donate money or save the whales or some such. the world is a better place with you in it. also, i love my kid. i totally unconditionally do.

but….I AM TIRED PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tired tired tired tired. oh, and my throat hurts so bad that i am nearly in tears. swallowing is intensely painful and breathing only slightly less so. i am calling a real doctor tomorrow. no more of this walk-in clinic pretend i’m a doctor and i’ll make you feel better crap. but back to the tired. sam goes to bed at 7:45ish tonight. great. then is up at 10ish. then is up again at 12:30ish. here’s the deal. she is rolling over from her back to tummy, getting on her hands and knees and freaking the hell out. like “how did i get here and i can’t figure out how to get back down so i am going to scream my head off and maybe that will help because my mommy is contractually and legally obligated to assist me whenever i do so regardless of the time of day or night?!?!” these kids are sneaky i tell ya.

perhaps in the light of day and after i’ve had my poptart and diet dr. pepper and have choked it down past my swollen tonsils or whatever kind of organ related stuff is literally on fire down there, this will all seem humorous and cutsie. but right now, at 1:00 am it is SO not.

UPDATE: so now it’s afternoon and the scenario above is still not funny. But tonight I may treat myself to a drug induced sleep so there. Heh. Went to the doc today, my regular physician. He looked in my throat and sez “hmmmmm”…then says “this is very odd, you are a strange case”. Isn’t that just what you want to hear from your doctor? He gave me an anti-inflammatory prescription and said to try that, in addition to finishing the zpack. So basically, he has no idea what is wrong with me. Again with the heh.

5 thoughts on “because its 1:00 am, I am old, & this is my blog

  1. Looks like all of the cool people are up and posting late. Good luck with babies, health or lack thereof, and the rest of it.

  2. Argh – I feel your pain – almost literally – I’ve had a difficult and painful time swallowing for over 2 weeks!

    I’m sorry you’re sleepy. 😦

    1. are you taking anything? i am about to go crazy with this! but maybe it’s the secret to weight-loss b/c it hurts to eat! yeah, that’s it…

  3. Hmmm…I’m your mommy and I can’t fix it either. Sorry, too far away even to blow kisses your way. It’s bound to get better soon. What in the world is a z-pack anyway? Never had one that I know of. This neck of the woods is so deprived! But evidently, they aren’t cure alls.

  4. And it’s not tonsilitis? I remember having tonsilitis about every other month for a year there when you were small.

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