to sam, from auntie scout

Today is a big day! It’s Samantha’s 1st Birthday!!! We will be rockin’ out to Sesame Street and enjoying various grilled goodies, and an Elmo’s World cake tomorrow with family. Of course, there be a proper birthday message here later but I wanted to share this post first. How lucky and blessed we are to have such great friends who love us and write such sweet and lovely … Continue reading to sam, from auntie scout

i’m sorry, could you repeat that?

Sometimes (ok a lot of times) I catch myself completely zoning out.  As in spacey-brain, mind-wandering, free-thinking, day-dreamin’ girl. It’s like the opposite of meditation or something. Because when you meditate aren’t you supposed to be focused on something specific? Like various aspects of nature, deep breathing, or how your aura fits within the Universe or something?  And not that I’m hatin’ on that kind … Continue reading i’m sorry, could you repeat that?

friday randoms

This was in my drafts but I’m clicking “publish”, even though this is Saturday. So there… Yesterday I was either invisible or just in a meeting to look cute. I’ll choose the later. Some people are just too big for their britches, as the saying goes. But it’s over so whatever. I’ve become apathetic to some things. Hooray for Fridays though right? Weekend plans…nothing concrete except … Continue reading friday randoms

not a bad problem to have…

…but a problem nonetheless… I’ve been losing some weight recently (go me!) and today I realized that while this is great, I now need to go shopping. Darn it, I know. My pants have been literally hanging onto my hips by a prayer all day today and have been driving me crazy. I’ve been awkwardly hitching them up all day long and not wanting to walk … Continue reading not a bad problem to have…

to my BFF

Go read the comment in my quotes post below…I’ll wait. That’s Amanda. My BFF from back in the day, and still. I think anyway, ahem…see how she treats me? Callin’ me “weird” and wonderin’ why we’re friends? (And probably wonderin’ why I like to leave the letter g off the end of words and use an apostrophe instead.) Little does she know that I think … Continue reading to my BFF

3:00 AM stuff

It can be pretty humorous how clumsy you are at that ungodly hour. I just tripped over my laptop cord and about bit the carpet, not to mention the doorframe. My apologies to Cartman (the cat) who just heard some very salty and unladylike language come from somewhere in the darkness. I hate it when I fall asleep without brushing my teeth or washing my … Continue reading 3:00 AM stuff

feel like i’ve been talking about this for days

quick update…sam has a skin infection…think its msra but the full results from the culture haven’t come back yet…been a bad few days with multiple doctor trips and sick baby…luckily hubs and i have jobs that are understanding and we’ve been about to take turns staying home with her… i have a headache…minor problem i know…larger problem is that i also am in need of … Continue reading feel like i’ve been talking about this for days

dreams and vagueness

I had a blogging dream last night. I was going through my day and along the way I was collecting random things that happened and noting them in my head to post as one of my scattered, off-the-cuff ramblings that I tend to do. The only one I can remember was that as I was on my way to somewhere in the morning along a windy … Continue reading dreams and vagueness