dreams and vagueness

I had a blogging dream last night. I was going through my day and along the way I was collecting random things that happened and noting them in my head to post as one of my scattered, off-the-cuff ramblings that I tend to do. The only one I can remember was that as I was on my way to somewhere in the morning along a windy coastal cliff road I kept meeting people on bicycles with little carts attached to the bikes with their babies and little kids riding along. I was shocked that these parents would let their kids ride along like that on a busy highway, with cars whizzing by, on a cliffside curvy road, right next to the ocean! I remember thinking “I must blog about this”.

This and some other things have me thinking that perhaps I should take a break from ye olde internets for a while. So we’ll see.

Sometimes it strikes me that some of the things that we think are rock solid, steady, firm, unmovable even by the most violent of tremors can at the same time feel like that even the slightest movement will shatter them and they’ll disintegrate right in front of us, even as we struggle desperately to hold on to them.

Yeah I don’t expect anyone to get this either.