the internet ate it

I had a post drafted and in a distracted moment, I deleted it. Argh. It wasn’t even a baby picture either. It was like, real words and stuff.

Can I just say that Direct TV is worthless in a storm? It goes out every dang time – just when Nancy whats-her-name is telling me whether or not I need to go to my “safe place”. Go figure.

Steve McNair. What?!?!?!? Seriously, sometimes I just don’t get it. Crazy stuff happening all over the place. It’s so sad, regardless of the circumstances. I am a HUGE Titans fan and he was my fav. I’m not good at doing tribute-type posts and I’m sure there will be plenty of those elsewhere. Suffice it to say that I was shocked and very sad. I’ve been following the coverage on tv since I first heard about it on Twitter.

Hubs has been in Atlanta for the past few days catching up with some college friends. He’s driving around in this mess right now trying to get home. I’d tell him to take cover except like I said, my tv is out. I think I might need to invest in one of those weather radio gadgets.

My dad and brother came up today for a bit. They loaded up a truck fulla rock (don’t ask, we have very desirable rocks here) and then took me to lunch. Yay dad! Thanks! Sam was a show off for her Papa and managed to contain her fit until after they’d left.

Sam is teething. Again. I would like to know whose bright idea it was to have baby teeth come in one or two at a time over the course of many months? Hey, thanks for that. Why can’t they all come in at the same time? Or better just, just be born with ’em. I mean, really, they’re just gonna fall out anyway and new ones come in. Would save mommies and babies a lot of grief. Is there a suggestion box somewhere for these things?

Here’s something random…went downstairs to the garage today and a shelf had fallen off the wall, including all the stuff on it of course and a big ol’ computer monitor hit the side panel of my car door and I have a purty dent and scratch all down the side. Nice. The contents of the shelf are all over the place; my picture of Humphrey Bogart shattered so there’s glass in the floor, fake flowers, old trophies from high school, you know, all that random stuff you store in a garage.

Tomorrow I’m heading out for a 6:00 am run with my running buddies. I’ve been in a bit of a running slump and am hoping these crazy motivated chicks are gonna help to pull me out of it. I am so looking forward to kicking some asphalt butt tomorrow morning!

Hubs is home. Cooper is going crazy! G’night.

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