yeah yeah, another one or two

I’ve been a little weird lately (shut up, I can hear you laughing) so all I’ve got right now for ya is a couple more Sam pictures. And if you are on Facebook then you’ve probably aready seen these so you can disregard this post and go take a quiz that will tell you what Smurf you are or become a fan of hugging or some such. Kthxbai.

Wow, I’m being snarky mommy today aren’t I?

Happy 4th!

pooped out


4 thoughts on “yeah yeah, another one or two

  1. Wait, there’s a Smurf quiz on Facebook? I bet I’m Sleepy Smurf, I can only assume you (and all other women) are Smurfette. Oh, BTW, cute kid. lol

  2. Yep, there is a quiz for that. I saw it somewhere the other day. And ew, I don’t think I’d be Smurfette…she was way too prissy.

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