3:00 AM stuff

It can be pretty humorous how clumsy you are at that ungodly hour. I just tripped over my laptop cord and about bit the carpet, not to mention the doorframe. My apologies to Cartman (the cat) who just heard some very salty and unladylike language come from somewhere in the darkness.

I hate it when I fall asleep without brushing my teeth or washing my face. I wake up with a fuzzy mouth and a face that feels all itchy and gross.

Why did I unplug my bedside lamp? Oh yeah, to charge my addictive electronic device that is running my life phone the other night.

Remember back in college when things didn’t really get rollin’ until 11ish and past? Yeah, me neither.

I guaranfreakin’tee  you that as soon as I get sleepy again and get off here that Sam will wake up. Would anyone like to make a wager on that one? No? Oh, that’s right. BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL ASLEEP!!! Harumpf.

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