not a bad problem to have…

…but a problem nonetheless…

I’ve been losing some weight recently (go me!) and today I realized that while this is great, I now need to go shopping. Darn it, I know.

My pants have been literally hanging onto my hips by a prayer all day today and have been driving me crazy. I’ve been awkwardly hitching them up all day long and not wanting to walk anywhere for fear of mooning my office peeps.

For instance, I had a meeting today so I’m lugging armloads of color coded Excel spreadsheets and other enthralling documents across campus while muttering to that little known Patron Saint of Waistbands to please not let my pants fall down, and if he spares me this embarrassment that I promise I will go buy some new pants, or at least a belt right after work!

And so, that’s where I’m goin’. Don’t you love it when I tell you these things? Mwah!

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