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friday randoms

18 Jul

This was in my drafts but I’m clicking “publish”, even though this is Saturday. So there…

Yesterday I was either invisible or just in a meeting to look cute. I’ll choose the later. Some people are just too big for their britches, as the saying goes. But it’s over so whatever. I’ve become apathetic to some things.

Hooray for Fridays though right? Weekend plans…nothing concrete except a hair appointment on Saturday. Was going to do a 5k but now have a conflict at the last minute. Boo. Will still get a few good runs in this weekend. I have my eye on a great race on August 1st though in my favorite park. But we’ll see.

Some people have no office kitchen manners. If you take the last paper towel off the roll, please don’t be such a lazy ass and put a new roll on the holder! Seriously! And why are you people leaving your dirty dishes in the sink? I don’t get it. (no comment from you hubs, I know I do that at home but this is different! really.)

Sam update: her staph infection has cleared up and she is back to normal! Yay! She is also finally crawling all over the place! The 1st Birthday celebration is in the planning stages. As in, there will be cake, grilling, family and pictures. And maybe Elmo.

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