ADD much?

Ok, I have had two people in the past week tell me that I may have adult ADD! And ya know what? I’ve wondered this myself many times and it really wouldn’t surprise me all that much if a health care pro said “yep, you got it”. 

And I wrote the crap below BEFORE I wrote the first paragraph of this…so, there ya go…you do the math.

Dang, these bangle bracelets keep clinking on my desk, driving me crazy. I’ve taken ’em off fifty million times today, will rearrange ’em and put ’em back on.

I think I’ve chewed through two packs of Trident today. I chomp on a piece till it loses flava and then get a new piece. Don’t worry, I take it out when I’m in a meeting or talking to someone. I don’t wanna be a Violet Beauregarde or anything.

Here’s the thing…today I’ve been unneccessarily stressed out and weird. I mean, I’m always weird but today the weirdness wasn’t that cute quirky weird ‘o mine but more like paranoid, freakin’ out, panic attacky weird. Most definitely not of the cute variety.

Work is bugging me today. It bugs me every day but today its really gotten under my skin and made me give the office door a fierce “eat dirt and die” look as I walked in and caused me to punch the keys on zee trusty ol’ keyboard a bit more violently than usual. I’m payin’ my bills and that’s a blessing. But sometimes I begrudge that I have to do what I do to make that happen. Which prolly makes no sense but I’m not getting into specifics. Meh. Just wonder how I ended up here sometimes. And is it too late to turn around? Metaphorically speaking.

Methinks tonight is margherita pizza for supper. Much better than the popcorn/poptart combo I’ve had the past two nights. Hey, I never claimed to be a healthy eater. Am working on that. In short bursts of good intentions anyway.

Speaking of health, I’ve not had a decent run in well over a week. I took Cooper to the greenway yesterday and he ’bout drug me into the creek multiple times and wore me out within the first mile. I dunno what it is, besides the goofy dog, but my legs just ache and I have no energy. Oh wait, this could all go back to the popcorn/poptart diet couldn’t it? See the things I learn from randomly blogging? I think next, in addition to fueling up the bod a bit (ok, much) better, I’ll try new shoes which I never got around to buying. After that, I think I will recruit my super motivated positive go-getter running buddy, Donita, to record her voice saying “ok, you ready to run again?”, which is really more of a statement than a question and you know what, I always say “yes” to her even when I’m ’bout to collapse on the side of the road and curl up into a helpless writhing ball in the ditch. She’s just got that way about her like that. Or she’ll say “ok, we’re almost to the end, we can do it!”, etc. Then I’ll just play her voice in my ipod when I get whiney and want to stop and walk. So D, if you’re reading this (and I know you are girl) I NEED to run with you! You keep me going lady! It’s a mental thing with me and I’m losing it (ha, ha, I can hear you laughing, shut up). Need a recharge.

Oh, D, I saw a bumper sticker (actually two) that made me think of you…on the same car…one said “running is cheaper than therapy”. The other said “hiked it, liked it” with a picture of hiking boot footprints on it. Cute huh?

Oh y’all, again with the bumper stickers…but I saw the funniest bumper sticker yesterday. It said “honk if you think I’m Jesus”. Ok, so that’s not too hilarious right? But then when I pulled up next to the driver it was this guy…who looked just like all those pictures of Jesus you see in books and stuff! Minus the tats and piercings but otherwise, spot on. White dude with long brown hair and beard. Anyway, I chuckled the rest of the way home. Maybe it’s just me.

And oh lookie, it’s time for me to go home now. Mwah!

4 thoughts on “ADD much?

  1. I’m all ready for a run! I need a good one this week. Super is out for a few days, but maybe we can plan for one on Monday (7/27)?

  2. BTW – I loved this post, nice to know that I help you keep going, b/c you keep me going, too! 😉

  3. I myself could use a good run as well. I fell off the wagon last month … I guess “fell” isn’t the right word. I think it was more of a “leap from the wagon”, but regardless. I NEED one.

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