to sam, from auntie scout

Today is a big day! It’s Samantha’s 1st Birthday!!! We will be rockin’ out to Sesame Street and enjoying various grilled goodies, and an Elmo’s World cake tomorrow with family.

Of course, there be a proper birthday message here later but I wanted to share this post first. How lucky and blessed we are to have such great friends who love us and write such sweet and lovely words for our baby girl.

To Sam, From Auntie Scout

Hugs and love sis!

3 thoughts on “to sam, from auntie scout

  1. Hope all of you have a great time today. I know I don’t really have to remind you about this, but take tons of pictures. I’m going to request to see them one day.:)
    Sending even more hugs, love and happy birthday wishes!

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