you know you’ve missed these…

…random weirdness from my brain… I’m thinking that there is not one person on this earth that I can say whatever I want to. I mean¬†ANYTHING I want. Lay it all out there, be totally honest. No self-censoring. Nope, not one person. Maybe that’s why I talk to myself so much? Ha! Oh whatever, I don’t do that. I swear. I am the world’s worst … Continue reading you know you’ve missed these…

earth to me…

Ok really? Could I be more completely out of it today? I mean, I’m always a little bit spacey and in my own little world but I’m usually quite¬†good at hiding it from people.¬†Not today. The boss’s boss totally busted me sitting in my office staring into space with a glazed-over look on my face. I was probably drooling too. Ha. It was enough that … Continue reading earth to me…

in which I tell you what I want

Yesterday I left The Man’s in a snit. Got in my car, put in Pearl Jam’s Ten¬†and blasted the windows out while driving a smidge too fast all the way home. (Wow, I have used the words “snit” and “smidge” w/in the first two sentences of this post. That doesn’t happen every day now does it?) It had been an irritating day to say the … Continue reading in which I tell you what I want

so here’s the thing

Eh, I have no idea what “the thing” is. I just randomly typed that in the title box. I think I might possibly suffocate in this office but¬†I’m not opening my door to get air for fear of having to actually interact with people on¬†my lunch hour.¬†¬†‘Cause that would just be unnecessary and annoying. And passing out from heat stroke is much more preferable than … Continue reading so here’s the thing

gettin’ my zen on…french style

I’m listening to some lovely French music from a fellow blogger friend¬†and I’m totally zenning out. I have no idea what they are singing about but I really don’t care either. It sounds all sexy and exotic anyway, even if it happens to be the French phone book or something. I think the creative part of the brain needs a jolt of something new sometimes … Continue reading gettin’ my zen on…french style

sam stuff

Hi. Will post more later, someday, maybe, perhaps, whenever. But till then, here’s a pic of Sam during waterplay at her “school”. She is going to be a water baby I think. She loves waterplay and taking a bath in the big tub. Last night she was in the tub on her hands and knees and was sticking the tip of her nose and chin … Continue reading sam stuff

melange (imagine accent mark over 1st e)

I was going to title this post “smorgasbord” but when I looked it up in the dictionary because I¬†wasn’t sure¬†how to spell it, the word “melange” was there as another choice.¬†And doesn’t¬†“melange” sound so much prettier and more exotic than “smorgasbord”, which sounds like something you hover over at Old Country Buffet. Except that it’s bugging me that I can’t figure out how to insert … Continue reading melange (imagine accent mark over 1st e)

what is up

Wow, it’s Monday. And I’m at work. Boooooo. Usually Monday’s are my day off but I decided to be generous and offer to take Friday off instead since there is mass amounts of extremely important, world-changing, crime fighting, disease curing work to be done at The Man’s. Or maybe just some lame spreadsheets. But it’s lunchtime and I’m, er, well, typing this post. So there … Continue reading what is up

a week of baby’s firsts

Here’s a very brief recap of the past week or so…. Sam’s birthday was great. Pics below. We grilled with the grandparents and the Elmo cake was a hit. Literally. One year well doctor appt went fine. Shots were given, screams were heard all over the doctor’s office and Peanuts bandaids administered to the wounds. Her stats are perfect. We went to the zoo yesterday; … Continue reading a week of baby’s firsts