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yeah, breathing is nice

30 Aug

I can’t breathe. For whatever reason, my asthma has decided to go into overdrive this weekend and it feels like the proverbial elephant is sitting on my chest. I¬†hate that tightness, the vice-like grip on my lungs. I haven’t had a spell in a long time so of course, I was all out of my inhaler. I wheezed on over to our walk-in clinic and got a refill though so I’m hoping breathing will be easier and this will pass. Maybe it’s a weather thing. Or a dust-in-the-house thing. Or a pet dander thing. Who knows. Anyway, hooray for that great drug, Albuterol. Oh, I just noticed that my inhaler was manufactured in Ireland. That seems odd somehow.

i found the sunshine & unicorns

29 Aug

Today was a wonderful, fabulous, perfect day. Just wanted to share that. ūüôā


and so it goes

28 Aug

I wish I could say that today was all sunshine and unicorns but that would be lying. Which I never do of course. Not even embellish one tiny bit. So I will be honest and say that¬†today has¬†been an exercise in tedium and monotony. Go figure. But it’s ok. I’m paying my bills and that’s all that matters right? So they tell me. Whatever. I’m not here to talk about that. Actually I’m not here to talk about much of anything. I’m only here to kill the last 17 minutes before I get in my happy lil’ Element and drive away. Woot woot.

I was annoyed today because I tried to use the beta version (I have no idea what that means but it sounds really cool doesn’t it?) of the WordPress app for¬†Blackberry. I was sitting in a cold¬†and sterile conference room waiting for a meeting to start and I thought to myself (why does that expression bother me? “thought to myself”…who else do you think to? I mean, you never say, I thought to Uncle Bob or my cat¬†Ringo right? But I digress.)…I thought to myself, I’ll see if I can blog from here and I’ll just look like all the other suits answering an important email about budgets or quality improvements or some such. So I wrote a snarky post and clicked “submit”…sigh…it didn’t work. For whatever reason the fancy smancy beta smeta WordPress app didn’t work. So instead I played Brickbreaker and from a suitable distance I still looked like I was answering an important email so it was all good. It would be cool to be able to live blog meetings though wouldn’t it? I mean, I could really spice things up in the board room and entertain myself quite nicely that way.

And oh snap…lookie, now I only have to kill 7 minutes. Which just happens to be the exact amount of time it takes me to gather up my crap, shut down Ol’ Bessie, use the facilities and scram out da doh’!

you know you’ve missed these…

27 Aug

…random weirdness from my brain…

I’m thinking that there is not one person on this earth that I can say whatever I want to. I mean¬†ANYTHING I want. Lay it all out there, be totally honest. No self-censoring. Nope, not one person. Maybe that’s why I talk to myself so much? Ha! Oh whatever, I don’t do that. I swear.

I am the world’s worst procrastinator. World’s Worst. I am. And the world’s worst time waster. I mean, can’t you tell that from this post? I could be doing something productive right now. Really. I could.

Can we say New York City? Yep, I am heading there for a long weekend before the year is out and I am psyched people! I used to want to live there back in my younger days. I haven’t made it yet. Oh and can we also¬†say much needed family vacation at¬†da beach! And then much needed girls’ weekend in Tunica? Oh yes we can.

A complete stranger gave me a compliment today. I wanted to hug her as it had been one of “those” days. But I didn’t. Because I only let my online friends see my crazy-ness. Lucky you.

PSA: I am too old and too married for Facebook drama. Yessirree Bob. So stop it already.

I want to go to a concert. Like a really cool one.

I also want to earn the right to put a “26.2” bumper sticker on my car. But that hasn’t been going so well lately. Ickles. Maybe I’ll stick with the concert goal.

I hate taking off my makeup and washing my face every night. Hate it. But I do it anyway. Like so many other things we do because we have to. Or just because we should. Or just because we always have.

i like

26 Aug

I like it when a man smiles from his eyes first. You can see it coming. The crinkling around the eyelids, the dancing light in the pupils, and then the slight upturn of the mouth a mere instant before the full-on grin.

I’m just sayin’.

earth to me…

26 Aug

Ok really? Could I be more completely out of it today?

I mean, I’m always a little bit spacey and in my own little world but I’m usually quite¬†good at hiding it from people.¬†Not today. The boss’s boss totally busted me sitting in my office staring into space with a glazed-over look on my face. I was probably drooling too. Ha. It was enough that he¬†stopped and leaned against the doorframe to ask “what’s up? what are you thinking about?”. Eek. And do you know what I freakin’ said? “Oh, just life stuff”.

I’m such a dork.

fam filled weekend

25 Aug

This past weekend I stuffed my Element full of enough baby equipment to seriously hurt somebody and hit the road.

Sam did so-so until about Paris. The new forward-facing car seat is not as sleep friendly as the infant seat and she’d finally had enough of the head lolling and¬†freaked out. I pulled over in a bank parking lot, did the diaper changing dance and put her in the old infant seat that The Accountant had had the foresight to install in my car before we left for just this situation. Sam was happy as a clam the rest of the trip. (Thank you hubs!) This is not good since she is borderline too big for the old seat so she has to either a. get used to it, b. we reposition it and recline it more, c. we buy a different seat, or d. I rig up some sort of pillow thing for her lil’ baby head. I’ve already tried this and she hated it. Or maybe she just hates change.

Other than that, the weekend was great. We visited with all the grandparents, my parents, brother, and sis-in-law to be. Made it through church services without incident and even slept through the night in the pack ‘n play (Sam, not me, although that would be pretty amusing).

Sam showed me some of her¬†new tricks. During the sermon she would put various trinkets in the songbook rack, take them out again and put them back. Each time, she gave herself a round of applause for a job well done. She’s also decided that pulling up on mommy’s legs, then letting go and doing a balancing act¬†while cutting her eyes at me¬†will earn her a big “yay, good girl, clap clap clap” from her easily entertained mom. Oh, great-gramma also taught her to semi-say “shoe”, which sounds more like “shhhe” but who’s counting?

You know what’s weird? Rocking your own daughter to sleep in your old room in the house you grew up in.¬†Purple carpet and all.

All in all, a lovely weekend with lovely weather and my lovely family. Lovely. xoxo.

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