a week of baby’s firsts

Here’s a very brief recap of the past week or so….

Sam’s birthday was great. Pics below. We grilled with the grandparents and the Elmo cake was a hit. Literally.

One year well doctor appt went fine. Shots were given, screams were heard all over the doctor’s office and Peanuts bandaids administered to the wounds. Her stats are perfect.

We went to the zoo yesterday; Sam’s first time ever. She seemed to enjoy it.

I’m sick again and feel like doo so here are those pics….





6 thoughts on “a week of baby’s firsts

  1. I’m sorry to say… Sam is too young to drive, walks around barefoot like a hillbilly and has very poor table manners.

    I hope my brutal honesty hasn’t hurt our friendship.


  2. Maeko,
    No way girl! The store gives you a free “smash cake” that’s much smaller and is just for the kid to play in! I’m not that cool of a mommy! 🙂

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