what is up

Wow, it’s Monday. And I’m at work. Boooooo. Usually Monday’s are my day off but I decided to be generous and offer to take Friday off instead since there is mass amounts of extremely important, world-changing, crime fighting, disease curing work to be done at The Man’s. Or maybe just some lame spreadsheets. But it’s lunchtime and I’m, er, well, typing this post. So there ya go.

Next month is VACATION!!! I am so excited I could just spit!!! We are heading south to the Gulf for a week mid-September. It will be Sam’s first ocean experience and I wonder what she’ll do…probably point and scream or something. I mean, that’s what I do. Heh. So the countdown to beachtime is on y’all! Six more weeks!

The Accountant has started calling Sam “Samantha Pants” for some reason. And I happen to think that this is the most adorable thing evah. It’s much more endearing than my nickname for her…”Stinky Butt”.

Oooooo, here’s something I don’t do very often…cook. Hubs and I (mostly hubs) cooked a veggie dinner for our friend, Danielle. I meant to take pics of the event but it’s about all I can handle to microwave a Lean Quisine so I’m afraid there is no official documentation of the evening. The only major snafu was when hubs asked me to please keep an eye on the garlic heating in the pan and not to let it burn…but I, of course, got distracted with meticulously slicing tomatoes and you guessed it, let the dang garlic burn to a smelly crisp. But no harm done, garlic powder worked just as well. Shhhhh. It was a lovely evening spent with a lovely meal and a lovely friend!

I am also super excited about this weekend for various reasons. 1. I will attempt not to die on a run with Ms. Brown. It’s been a week or so since I was chased by skunks in the neighborhood so this should be interesting. 2. I’ll gather at zee Cafe Ameno for another round of stimulating conversation about our latest book club selection. Eek, that reminds me that I need to finish it! 3. We have scored a babysitter for Saturday (a million thanks to you-know-who-you-are!) and are heading to see a DiamondJaxx game with my bro and Scout, and whoever else happens to tag along. So woohoo for a great weekend coming up!

Oh, I’m getting dirty looks from outside my window so I guess that’s my cue that my lunchtime is over. Till next time…

One thought on “what is up

  1. dinner WAS awesome. i have to cook for you guys next time. oh and book club… I haven’t even started tha book yet. whoot!
    thanks again, i had a fantastic time. I can’t wait to come over and make myself at home once more.

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