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melange (imagine accent mark over 1st e)

5 Aug

I was going to title this post “smorgasbord” but when I looked it up in the dictionary because I wasn’t sure how to spell it, the word “melange” was there as another choice. And doesn’t “melange” sound so much prettier and more exotic than “smorgasbord”, which sounds like something you hover over at Old Country Buffet. Except that it’s bugging me that I can’t figure out how to insert that accent mark over the first e…anyone who knows how to do that in WordPress, help a girl out.

Now that I’ve explained my thought process over this post’s title, lets talk about stuff shall we? Or rather I’ll type and you read.

Oh, go here and watch this if you are so inclined. I watched it and just kind of sat there and said ohmagoodness, that’s me, every day…and then I ran sobbing from the room and tripped over the dog. Not really, but it made me think about some things and ask myself some uncomfortable questions about my superhero powers of fakery. I thought it was compelling and telling and pensive and so many other things.

Two more days till I will be singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at Pringles Park and watching the Diamond Jaxx take on the Mudcats whilst indulging in a yummy-licious ballpark hot dog or some such. And really, how could you not have a great time in a place named after a potato chip? Not to mention that anything involving a “Mudcat” sounds pretty fun too. Oooooo, and there will be fireworks and cute baseball playas…and excellent company…and cute baseball playas… I realize I’m a little late to the game (yuk yuk) on the minor league baseball front but whaddaya goin’ do? It takes an act of Congress to schedule a date night these days.

…random baby pic…here’s a cute pic of Sam that those of you who aren’t on FB or Twitter and don’t text (ahem, mom & dad, I’m talkin’ to you) haven’t seen…


…end random baby pic sidenote…

It is seriously hot in here. What is the deal? I’ve taken off my boring work appropriate jacket and am sitting here in a non-work appropriate fun tank top until I have to open my door and come out into the exciting world of data once again. Then I guess I’ll get dressed. But only ’cause they make me.

Speaking of work stuff, my desk is a wicked mass of exploded chaos I tell you. I’m a slob by nature but this is even starting to bug me. And I would clean it off but it’s easier just to leave and shut the door behind me. Heh. I keed I keed. Ok, not really.

I would talk about the other chaos that is my backyard right now but I’m waiting till I get home this afternoon to see the current state of things…lets just say there are massive canyons being dug and humongous pipes being laid with large machinery. Boys playing in the dirt and all that.

I had the best run of my life last night. It was after 9pm and was drizzling a cool rain and only thundering a tiny bit. Yeah, I know, heading outside during a storm isn’t the smartest thing but I promise I thought the worst was over. Anyway, I was truckin’, probably only because I was trying to outrun the lightning that I thought was over but whatever. I’ll take it. Some runners talk about being in some sort of “zone” and I got a taste of that. It felt like I could run forever. Kind of bizarre really but great. I’m hoping I get to feel that again. Soon. Minus the lightning.

Ok, time to don the mask once again and get back to it.

Arrivederci! (see we begin with French and end in Italian. Clever huh?.)

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