so i was thinking

Yep, thinking. Sometimes a dangerous thing to do at midnight when an old lady like myself should be in bed resting up for a new day. But I’m a rebel like that so here I sit, thinkin’…

…about how I’m a different person than I was in high school, college and even just a couple of years ago. I guess we all constantly evolve though right? It’s just strange to sometimes sit back and think about where you were x years ago, how you would have handled this or that situation differently, regreting some things, standing resolutely behind others. I know some people who read this drivel who knew me “back in the day” are wondering what in the heck happened to that girl I once knew? Or at least thought they knew. The truth is, I didn’t even know me, still don’t I don’t think. And I’m coming to terms with that. It’s all good and part of the adventure. Right? (I swear y’all, I am not under the influence of anything but tiredness and poptart withdrawal).

…about how wigged out people got today (myself included) when Twitter went haywire. I mean, whoa. For me, Twitter keeps me sane (hahahaha, I hear you all laughing) during the day and in touch with the outside world when I would otherwise be completely suffocated by papers, files and data smata.  But, as great a tool as (insert Twitter, Facebook, etc here) can be, they are also a huge timesuck. I know I threaten to disappear from the internets altogether some day but so far I’m still here. I just think I could strive for a better balance of things. Anyway, this makes sense to me but I can’t get it to come across like I want it to here. Dang internet! Oh the irony.

So my cell phone just buzzed at me to remind me that I’m off work tomorrow. Did I really need reminding of that? Although it is weird being off  on a Friday instead of my usual Monday. Not that I’m complaining mind you. Next Friday is an off day too. My schedule is nothing if not inconsistent. And I like it that way.

…about how tired I am of feeling guilty for things. Stupid things, important things, just various “stuff”. Eh, this topic is a whole ‘nother post for another late night musing.

Have I mentioned how super duper excited I am for football season this year? No? Well I love me some Titans football!!!! So now you know. Hello, tickets anyone?

Ok, methinks I will take my tired brain to bed now. The plan for tomorrow is as follows…take Sam to daycare in the morning…go with hubs to Pancake Pantry…get a pedicure…pick Sam up at lunch…either accompany hubs to his workplace for a bit or go to the park…or both of those…meet D for a run…pass out…kidding…not…g’night.

2 thoughts on “so i was thinking

  1. Of course you are not that same ol person back in the day. None of us are. And that is OKAY. I too look back at things I said or did and wish I knew then what I know now. I would have, I Think, handled things much better. But then again I like where I am now. If we had been different where would those actions have taken us? I love being married to my “bodybuilder” I may not have him if I had taken another route in my life. Is this Deep for me or what?? I do regret that we don’t see each other as much as we should. But life has kept us friends and I am glad for that.

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