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12 Aug

Hi. Will post more later, someday, maybe, perhaps, whenever. But till then, here’s a pic of Sam during waterplay at her “school”. She is going to be a water baby I think. She loves waterplay and taking a bath in the big tub. Last night she was in the tub on her hands and knees and was sticking the tip of her nose and chin in the water, coming up, looking at me and laughing. (don’t worry mom, I am right there and don’t leave her side when she’s in the bathtub)

Oh, she is also apparently learning¬†some baby sign language¬†at day care. She knows how to tell us she’s “hungry” and when we say “are you hungry?” she does the sign for it! It’s bizarre and amazing and super cute!

But anyway, here’s Sam in the sprinkler.


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