gettin’ my zen on…french style

I’m listening to some lovely French music from a fellow blogger friend and I’m totally zenning out. I have no idea what they are singing about but I really don’t care either. It sounds all sexy and exotic anyway, even if it happens to be the French phone book or something.

I think the creative part of the brain needs a jolt of something new sometimes and this steamy haut music is doing it for me right now. Not that I put much, if any, of my creative writing “stuff” on this blog but trust me, I’ve got loads of it sitting around here. It’s one of those things that I’ve always been hesitant to put out there because it’s so…personal, I guess. And then there are all the vulnerability issues. Its a risky thing. Eh, I dunno. I go back and forth on this one.

Speaking of zen, I’m thinking of converting to Buddhism…is that what you do when you go Buddhist? Convert? Anyway, it intriques me.

On an appropriate French note, here’s a few of the less touristy, more slice-of-lifey photos we took in Paris in ’06. Aren’t they just so…European?





Bonne nuit!

3 thoughts on “gettin’ my zen on…french style

  1. Cool. Yeah, music gets your limbic system working and sometimes even talking to other brain structures in a cool way. Endorphins kick in. It’s all to the good–unless you’re Hitler in love with Wagner. Then there was Stravinsky, who, I’m told by credible sources, stated that he hated Wagner and even presented a big important lovey thesis on this at Harvard. However, in truth, his Rite of Spring is only a reversal of the third movement of Wagner’s The Ring. This whole argument is on a CD I have somewhere. If not, I’ll check on Myspace for you. Hopefully, it’s still up on the site. Funny as all get out, though. You will just be on the floor when it comes to that part.

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