so here’s the thing

Eh, I have no idea what “the thing” is. I just randomly typed that in the title box.

I think I might possibly suffocate in this office but I’m not opening my door to get air for fear of having to actually interact with people on my lunch hour.  ‘Cause that would just be unnecessary and annoying. And passing out from heat stroke is much more preferable than small talking today. And most days really as I’m not much of a “small talky” kind of person.

So instead I’m sitting here with my headphones in and blasting Maroon 5 at the moment into my brain. I love disappearing into my own head sometimes. Ok, many times.

Wow this is quickly morphing into one of those weird all over the place posts I sometimes do. But whatever. Sometimes I just wanna type and see what comes up…with some censorship of course.

Oh, here comes Rascall Flatts “Life is a Highway”….

Less than a month until vacation…so why did I just eat that big azz cinnamon roll???? Bathing suit time….Eek!

Heading home this weekend at some point to visit the fam. Considered spending the night (heh, I’m totally inviting myself here), but not sure how Sam would do having to sleep in her pack ‘n play in a strange house…but then again, maybe she should practice since that’s what she’ll have to do in F to the L to the A. I mean, my old room is still somewhat intact. Purple carpet and all.

Nirvana….and more Nirvana…

Ciao for now.

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