the opposite of ick

Wow that was a pissy post below wasn’t it? Ugh. And because I don’t like coming here and seeing that post front and center how about a baby pic? And then a goofy one of mommy? Yes, I thought so.

This picture of Sam cracks me up. She was at “waterplay” at daycare and her teacher took this of her. That expression is priceless. Such a goofy girl.

waterplay samantha2

Much like her mother….


Tomorrow is my Friday, thank goodness. Because if it wasn’t…well, I dunno…its just a good thing it is.  

I’m super excited to take Sam to my parents’ house on Saturday. We are going to attempt to spend the night at Papa and Grandma’s and we’ll see how it goes. It will be the first time Sam has slept overnight away from home. Eek. I guess I need to figure out how to fold up and open the pack ‘n play…I’m so bad at these complex mechanical tasks. Anyway, it will be good practice for when she has to sleep in it in FL. Right? Right.

One thought on “the opposite of ick

  1. practice for fla is a great thing! I’m so super super pumped. seriously can’t wait to spend a week with you people.

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