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fam filled weekend

25 Aug

This past weekend I stuffed my Element full of enough baby equipment to seriously hurt somebody and hit the road.

Sam did so-so until about Paris. The new forward-facing car seat is not as sleep friendly as the infant seat and she’d finally had enough of the head lolling and freaked out. I pulled over in a bank parking lot, did the diaper changing dance and put her in the old infant seat that The Accountant had had the foresight to install in my car before we left for just this situation. Sam was happy as a clam the rest of the trip. (Thank you hubs!) This is not good since she is borderline too big for the old seat so she has to either a. get used to it, b. we reposition it and recline it more, c. we buy a different seat, or d. I rig up some sort of pillow thing for her lil’ baby head. I’ve already tried this and she hated it. Or maybe she just hates change.

Other than that, the weekend was great. We visited with all the grandparents, my parents, brother, and sis-in-law to be. Made it through church services without incident and even slept through the night in the pack ‘n play (Sam, not me, although that would be pretty amusing).

Sam showed me some of her new tricks. During the sermon she would put various trinkets in the songbook rack, take them out again and put them back. Each time, she gave herself a round of applause for a job well done. She’s also decided that pulling up on mommy’s legs, then letting go and doing a balancing act while cutting her eyes at me will earn her a big “yay, good girl, clap clap clap” from her easily entertained mom. Oh, great-gramma also taught her to semi-say “shoe”, which sounds more like “shhhe” but who’s counting?

You know what’s weird? Rocking your own daughter to sleep in your old room in the house you grew up in. Purple carpet and all.

All in all, a lovely weekend with lovely weather and my lovely family. Lovely. xoxo.

new specs

25 Aug

I’ve decided that all my peeps need to be in one place so I can just post something ONE time instead of all over the place. So, everybody please pick one social networking thang and that’ll be it, ok? Twitter, Facebook or this here blog…what’s it gonna be?


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