new specs

I’ve decided that all my peeps need to be in one place so I can just post something ONE time instead of all over the place. So, everybody please pick one social networking thang and that’ll be it, ok? Twitter, Facebook or this here blog…what’s it gonna be?


7 thoughts on “new specs

  1. Hey nice new peepers. Are you against MySpace? You didn’t mention that one. I mean it sux and all but don’t be an anti-mySpace-ite (or something like that.)

  2. I am an Anti-My-Space-Ite I guess. I deleted my MySpace profile a LONG time ago…or didn’t you notice? 😛

  3. I love the specs! But to answer your question, if you stopped blogging I would cry! I love reading your blog, but I’m also a twitter junkie, so maybe you could keep two? Twitter and Blogging?

  4. As much as I enjoy reading your tweets, it’s the blog where you really shine. Or at least you’re not limited to 140 characters as you are on Twitter.

    I use all three and I find it can be silly and amusing when I take the time to ponder what thought to share goes where. Although most of my friends and family are on Facebook, that’s the one that I tend to forget about.

    Nice spectaculars!

  5. Oh, this blog isn’t going anywhere. I have too much time and words invested in it. And I use Twitter and FB for different reasons/different people so I don’t know that I can cut either! Hmmmmm, this has the makings of a good blog post though…Of which I will have to post at all three places!!! Oh the irony!!!! Hee.

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