earth to me…

Ok really? Could I be more completely out of it today?

I mean, I’m always a little bit spacey and in my own little world but I’m usually quite good at hiding it from people. Not today. The boss’s boss totally busted me sitting in my office staring into space with a glazed-over look on my face. I was probably drooling too. Ha. It was enough that he stopped and leaned against the doorframe to ask “what’s up? what are you thinking about?”. Eek. And do you know what I freakin’ said? “Oh, just life stuff”.

I’m such a dork.

2 thoughts on “earth to me…

  1. How funny, sounds like something I would do and say! I thought about you today as I was trying to stay busy and pass the hours away at my desk. Maybe your “vibes” were heading my way.

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