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you know you’ve missed these…

27 Aug

…random weirdness from my brain…

I’m thinking that there is not one person on this earth that I can say whatever I want to. I mean ANYTHING I want. Lay it all out there, be totally honest. No self-censoring. Nope, not one person. Maybe that’s why I talk to myself so much? Ha! Oh whatever, I don’t do that. I swear.

I am the world’s worst procrastinator. World’s Worst. I am. And the world’s worst time waster. I mean, can’t you tell that from this post? I could be doing something productive right now. Really. I could.

Can we say New York City? Yep, I am heading there for a long weekend before the year is out and I am psyched people! I used to want to live there back in my younger days. I haven’t made it yet. Oh and can we also say much needed family vacation at da beach! And then much needed girls’ weekend in Tunica? Oh yes we can.

A complete stranger gave me a compliment today. I wanted to hug her as it had been one of “those” days. But I didn’t. Because I only let my online friends see my crazy-ness. Lucky you.

PSA: I am too old and too married for Facebook drama. Yessirree Bob. So stop it already.

I want to go to a concert. Like a really cool one.

I also want to earn the right to put a “26.2” bumper sticker on my car. But that hasn’t been going so well lately. Ickles. Maybe I’ll stick with the concert goal.

I hate taking off my makeup and washing my face every night. Hate it. But I do it anyway. Like so many other things we do because we have to. Or just because we should. Or just because we always have.

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