and so it goes

I wish I could say that today was all sunshine and unicorns but that would be lying. Which I never do of course. Not even embellish one tiny bit. So I will be honest and say that today has been an exercise in tedium and monotony. Go figure. But it’s ok. I’m paying my bills and that’s all that matters right? So they tell me. Whatever. I’m not here to talk about that. Actually I’m not here to talk about much of anything. I’m only here to kill the last 17 minutes before I get in my happy lil’ Element and drive away. Woot woot.

I was annoyed today because I tried to use the beta version (I have no idea what that means but it sounds really cool doesn’t it?) of the WordPress app for Blackberry. I was sitting in a cold and sterile conference room waiting for a meeting to start and I thought to myself (why does that expression bother me? “thought to myself”…who else do you think to? I mean, you never say, I thought to Uncle Bob or my cat Ringo right? But I digress.)…I thought to myself, I’ll see if I can blog from here and I’ll just look like all the other suits answering an important email about budgets or quality improvements or some such. So I wrote a snarky post and clicked “submit”…sigh…it didn’t work. For whatever reason the fancy smancy beta smeta WordPress app didn’t work. So instead I played Brickbreaker and from a suitable distance I still looked like I was answering an important email so it was all good. It would be cool to be able to live blog meetings though wouldn’t it? I mean, I could really spice things up in the board room and entertain myself quite nicely that way.

And oh snap…lookie, now I only have to kill 7 minutes. Which just happens to be the exact amount of time it takes me to gather up my crap, shut down Ol’ Bessie, use the facilities and scram out da doh’!

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