yeah, breathing is nice

I can’t breathe. For whatever reason, my asthma has decided to go into overdrive this weekend and it feels like the proverbial elephant is sitting on my chest. I hate that tightness, the vice-like grip on my lungs. I haven’t had a spell in a long time so of course, I was all out of my inhaler. I wheezed on over to our walk-in clinic and got a refill though so I’m hoping breathing will be easier and this will pass. Maybe it’s a weather thing. Or a dust-in-the-house thing. Or a pet dander thing. Who knows. Anyway, hooray for that great drug, Albuterol. Oh, I just noticed that my inhaler was manufactured in Ireland. That seems odd somehow.

4 thoughts on “yeah, breathing is nice

  1. Sorry you are having breathing problems. I have a good friend in Boston and she is having the same problem this week. I hope you are both feeling better soon.

  2. This is really weird because I came to my parents’ house this afternoon only to find my dad in sweatpants and obviously not having been to church (this is unheard of, btw). His problem? Asthma’s acting up. That is all. Oh, and feel better.

  3. I never noticed that on mine. I’ll check. Hope you feel better. I breathe like a dead thing after too much wheat. It also makes me weak, dizzy, and have extra pain. Have you ever been checked for allergies–respiratory and dietary?

    Yep, my Albuterol kisses the Blarney stone too.

    Take care

  4. wow, that makes at least 4 other people i’ve heard with asthma issues this week. and who knew that the irish had the monopoly on inhalers.

    T, no never been checked for allergy stuff…i think i’m allergic to those tests…:P

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