thinking out loud via a clacking keyboard

I have no idea what I want to post about right now. But as you know, that’s never stopped me before. Hee. I love this blog. I truly do. I love that I have finally gotten over my very annoying thinking that I have to have something worthwhile to post. It seems that I’ve moved on to another breed of annoying thinking and now feel I can post about … Continue reading thinking out loud via a clacking keyboard

there are no capital letters in this post

i’m wearing what i call a “gramma sexy” shirt today. sexy without a jacket over it ’cause it’s got a keyhole back, high neck and sleeveless. but with the required corporate world jacket on over it, it looks kinda “gramma-ee”. but in a sexy gramma way if you know what i mean. its monday and i had to come to work. i know you all … Continue reading there are no capital letters in this post

sicky sicky

Rought night last night. Sam woke up throwing up twice. 1:00 and 3:30 am. It was extremely gross of course and very concerning as she’s never done that before. She was so pitiful. She let me take her temp (which she HATES and usually fights me like a wrestler) and she was so pale and sad looking. I rocked and cuddled her both times and … Continue reading sicky sicky


Sam has a virus. Nothing to do but give Tylenol and wait it out. She is back at daycare for the moment. Still fussy but my mind is eased a bit. No ear infection either. I have “elevated” blood pressure. Instructed to see my PCP about that in conjunction with some meds I’m currently taking. I have never ever had any blood pressure issues in … Continue reading spewing

yeah, i dunno either

Why I’m still up at this hour I mean. It seems that if I want to do anything non-baby related, I have to do it late at night when the house is quiet and my mind is not so manic. Besides, I had some work to catch up on since procrastination is my homeboy and now that that’s done, here I am. Today has been rather hectic, … Continue reading yeah, i dunno either

this is painful, don’t even bother

First a random baby note: Sam can sign “hungry”, “thirsty” and “brush teeth”. It’s quite cute and quite handy. Except that she like to sign “brush teeth” a LOT. I think she’s just in love with the taste of the Elmo toothpaste. Can’t blame her, it is yummy. I’m just going to go ahead and apologize for this post. I just re-read it and visably … Continue reading this is painful, don’t even bother

Happy Birthday little brother!

I should have posted this last night or this morning but I wouldn’t want to ruin my reputation by actually sending someone birthday wishes on time. Today is my one and only sibling, my little brother’s birthday! So Happy Birthday! Remember that time I flew down our hill on my bike and rammed into you on your tricycle? Thought I’d killed you! And remember when I gave … Continue reading Happy Birthday little brother!


Sometimes my brain is completely blank, lacking even one iota of inspiration. I wonder how many hours I’ve wasted staring at the screen or into the blank pages of my journal before I resign myself to typing a few paragraphs of diary-esque drivel or filling the page with doodles of curly ques and flowers? Sometimes I dream of walking up to a random airline counter and buying a … Continue reading sometimes

yada yada yada

I hate wearing contacts. I mean, I like having the option but I swear, after a while I cannot see worth squat with them in. I wore them today so I could wear sunglasses as I was going to be outside a lot but now, sitting at the computer, I’m having issues. Therefore I am restricting my contacts wearing to nights out on the town (HAHAHAHAHAHA, … Continue reading yada yada yada