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2 Sep

I hate wearing contacts. I mean, I like having the option but I swear, after a while I cannot see worth squat with them in. I wore them today so I could wear sunglasses as I was going to be outside a lot but now, sitting at the computer, I’m having issues. Therefore I am restricting my contacts wearing to nights out on the town (HAHAHAHAHAHA, what is that??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!) and short spurts of time when no peering at a computer screen is necessary. So now you know. Because I know you were wondering about that. Just admit it.

Today was lovely out. Sam and I spent a bit of the morning at the park. We both played on the swings and walked about enjoying the weather and exercise. Well I did that, she enjoyed her Cheerios mostly. I managed to sneak in a shower while she napped and so far, she’s still sleeping. And the fact that I just said that guarantees that she will be up within five minutes max. Must type faster…

Um, the above is from several hours ago. Since then we’ve had a few meltdowns (Sam, not me, haha), a yummy mexican dinner, a run/walk and

…This is what its come to apparently…I type a paragraph or two as I get a chance, and then don’t even finish the post, but it doesn’t matter because I forget to publish it anyway. And my scatterbrainedness caused you guys to go a whole ‘nother day without knowing about my hatred of contact lenses and my day at the park. So sorry. It will probably happen again.

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