yada yada yada

I hate wearing contacts. I mean, I like having the option but I swear, after a while I cannot see worth squat with them in. I wore them today so I could wear sunglasses as I was going to be outside a lot but now, sitting at the computer, I’m having issues. Therefore I am restricting my contacts wearing to nights out on the town (HAHAHAHAHAHA, what is that??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!) and short spurts of time when no peering at a computer screen is necessary. So now you know. Because I know you were wondering about that. Just admit it.

Today was lovely out. Sam and I spent a bit of the morning at the park. We both played on the swings and walked about enjoying the weather and exercise. Well I did that, she enjoyed her Cheerios mostly. I managed to sneak in a shower while she napped and so far, she’s still sleeping. And the fact that I just said that guarantees that she will be up within five minutes max. Must type faster…

Um, the above is from several hours ago. Since then we’ve had a few meltdowns (Sam, not me, haha), a yummy mexican dinner, a run/walk and

…This is what its come to apparently…I type a paragraph or two as I get a chance, and then don’t even finish the post, but it doesn’t matter because I forget to publish it anyway. And my scatterbrainedness caused you guys to go a whole ‘nother day without knowing about my hatred of contact lenses and my day at the park. So sorry. It will probably happen again.

One thought on “yada yada yada

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with my contacts too. I am new to them and can’t make up my mind if I am continuing with them or not. And talk about scatterbrains, I locked my keys in my trunk after work this afternoon. I started walking home but fortunately my sweet, patient husband came to my rescue one more time before I had to complete my trek.

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