this is why i’m so tired

Wow, this has been a super duper extra busy weekend!

We made a quick trip home yesterday to go to a family cookout. Mom was already there and Bro dropped by a bit later. It was great to see all the cousins and aunts we haven’t seen in ages and ages. Some of them hadn’t seen us since we got married and we all know how long ago that was! We dropped by the store on the way home and Sam got to see Papa and play with the “take a penny, leave a penny” pot.

Sam did pretty well considering that she still will not nap in the new car seat. I thought we were going to have to deal with baby meltdown but she was so distracted by all the new people and her new favorite cousin and new friend that she just kept on truckin’ and finally passed out on the way home, even with her head all wonky and my pathetic attempts to fashion a makeshift pillow for her out of a Tinkerbell blanket. 

Today was church and another family cookout. Again, the kiddo was such a trooper and did great in church, except when she threw her shoe clear across the aisle during the Lord’s Supper…but I’m sure God smiled at that just like everyone else did. Heh.

And now, it’s bedtime! Tomorrow is blissfully free of any plans but I’m thinking a trip to the park and playing on the swings might be in order.

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