missing it already

It’s late on Wednesday night. One full day of vacation left and then the long drive back home on Friday. That part I dread. But it’s been a great time. Although I will be honest and say that its been much different vacationing with a child then our past trips. I guess that’s obvious but still, it’s hard to fathom until you hit the road armed with bags full of baby gear and a purse containing what you hope is an endless supply of Cheerios and Goldfish and a leaky sippy cup or two. We were lucky enough to bring along a great friend to help with Sam and that has been a lifesaver. Truly. If you have even one of those, consider yourself lucky and very blessed.

Sam has enjoyed the pool and playing in the sand. The ocean freaks her out a bit if we get her too close  but she’s getting more used to it and loves checking out the birds. She points and says something that sounds like “geeesh” when she sees a seagull or sandpiper. Oh, and she has something akin to a baby farmer tan in spite of the buckets of sunscreen we slather on her every day.

The weather has been typically “beachy”, with a bit of rain (oh ok, a freakin’ monsoon, but only for one day) but mostly sunshine. We’ve done the beach thang, the pool thang and the shopping in cheesy stores thang. And not much reading to speak of, and even less of that self-reflection I was yammering on about a few posts ago. I did however, purchase three books to add to the two I brought with me and have read the first two pages of each. Progress can be a slowly moving train people.

I’m in sort of a melancholy mood tonight. I should really go to bed but I’m enjoying the white noise of the dryer and the silence of this temporary space. I’ll step out on the balcony before sleep and take a few minutes to savor the sound and smell of the sea.  I do miss my dog and cat, and my own bed. But not much else really, to be frank.

G’night from the Gulf.

2 thoughts on “missing it already

  1. Glad you guys have enjoyed your vacation! And glad you had an awesomely cool person to help! 😉

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