back to normal

The drive home yesterday was kind of brutal. I mean, it could have been worse and we didn’t have the fifty-million poops like we did on the drive down, but Sam was so over being in the car and wasn’t shy about telling us this. It was super cute how she was so happy to be home though. She about jumped out of my arms to get onto her ladybug changing table and was clapping and bouncing. What am I saying? We all were (minus the changing table part).

Now all bags are unpacked and dog is reclaimed. It’s good to be home I gotta say. However, as always, I’m already thinking of my next trip, this time sans baby and husband. Depending on the timing the next one is either gonna be to NYC to visit a friend or a girl’s weekend in Tunica.

Sam has been a bear today. I don’t think she feels well but am not sure what’s wrong with her. Poor thing. She’s being very clingy which is cute for a while but then I’m all like “kid, I really gotta go pee”.

Ok, that is all for now. Back to football.

4 thoughts on “back to normal

  1. Is she teething? Marley’s been a real handful lately (to my sister, of course). She’s got several front teeth but we’re thinking there are molars on the way. Katie bar the doors.

  2. Amber, you are cracking me up! I was in Target and my bberry is going crazy with Amber-Comments on my blog! Heehee!!

    I am going to NYC next month! I’ll be visiting a good friend I haven’t seen in a couple of years and will have limited time, only there for a couple of days. I’m thinking Boston might be calling my name though…that’s where you are right? lol!

  3. Hey, what can I say, I finally had a chance to read something! I love it when my bberry goes crazy with good stuff – I’m sorry yours had to go off with my stupid-ass comments.

    Yup, my dear, I’m Boston – Come on up!

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