yeah, i dunno either

Why I’m still up at this hour I mean. It seems that if I want to do anything non-baby related, I have to do it late at night when the house is quiet and my mind is not so manic. Besides, I had some work to catch up on since procrastination is my homeboy and now that that’s done, here I am.

Today has been rather hectic, to say the least. I think I’ll tell you about it.

Sam and I actually made it to church on time this morning but after that it was all downhill. She’s been fussy since we got home from vacation. I mean, I miss the beach too but so far I have refrained from wailing about it at the top of my lungs. Just barely though, to be honest. Hubs and I have a theory that she is either cutting molars or has an ear infection. She made it through Sunday school but then we had to immediately go the the nursery and then snuck out early. During one of the screeching fits at home hubs decided that we should head over to the walk-in clinic so they could at least check her ears.

Her cries were awful. Not her usual “I-want-that-particular-cheerio-over-there-no-not-that-one-the-one-with-the-3/4-inch-dog-hair-on-it” cry, this was a painful, “something-is-hurting-me-so-please-figure-out-what-it-is-soon-before-I-bust-your-eardrums-and-drown-in-my-own-snot” cry. That kind of cry. And so we gather up the five million things you have to take with you when you have a kid and drive the short distance to the clinic only to find it PACKED with sallow looking people wearing surgical masks. I don’t know about you but people wearing surgical masks freak me the heck out. I’m imagining all kinds of alien zombie highly contagious diseases that will eat your flesh and make your tongue turn inside out. We waited about 2 seconds and got the heck out of there before we contracted god-knows-what and decided to page Sam’s pediatrician instead. We were told to go get Children’s Motrin, drug her up, ply her with liquids and call the doctor in the morning to bring her in.

Now let me tell you about some Children’s Motrin. That stuff must be sent straight from the Patron Saint of Sick Chillins because it was amazing. She stopped screaming after we managed to con her into drinking it, crawled around a bit and then passed out in my lap. She woke up a couple of hours later, ate some supper, fussed a bit but then went back to bed with no problem. (I am sure I’m jinxing myself here and she’ll be up at 3 am). Sidenote: I did notice a rash on her before she went to sleep though so who knows what that’s all about. It’s always something I guess.

Tomorrow I have my own fun doctor’s appointment in the morning (who schedules a gyn appointment at 8:30 am anyway? oh wait….) but I’m hoping day care can handle her until I can get her seen at the pediatrician. There will be much coming and going tomorrow but hey, that’s what keeps life exciting right? Right.

Other than all of that and a bit of football watching between screams (me, screaming at the Titans that is), that was my day. Did you really read all this? Unless you’re my mother, you must be really bored. Or an insomniac like myself. Maybe I should go take the Motrin. Want some? I’ll share.

One thought on “yeah, i dunno either

  1. Yes, your mother read every last word. Oh dear. Wish I were there. Not sure whose life is more hectic right now–you with work, doc appointments, and a sick one-year-old or me student teaching teenagers. Hmmm…well, I do get away for a few hours each day / night.

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