Sam has a virus. Nothing to do but give Tylenol and wait it out. She is back at daycare for the moment. Still fussy but my mind is eased a bit. No ear infection either. I have “elevated” blood pressure. Instructed to see my PCP about that in conjunction with some meds I’m currently taking. I have never ever had any blood pressure issues in my life and it’s kind of wigging me out. Must take better care of myself sez I.

I stopped having Facebook automatically post blog stuff over there. I dunno why really. But if I want to I can always post a link over there. I also took Twitter off this blog. Again, I dunno why. Just ’cause. One day I tell you I’m gonna disappear off the face of the internets. You have been warned.

I need to go to the grocery store but don’t want to. I have a list though. Lists are good at the grocery if not always helpful. It’s my lame attempt not to buy junk. Stick to the list I say, stick to the list. But oh, I really need that box of Little Debbies don’t I? Food sucks.

My grandma fell again today. Luckily no broken bones, just bruising. Thanks to Sara for keeping me posted. Hugs girlie.

I go back to work tomorrow. No more talking about that.

Eh. On to the grocery. This is just a stalling tactic.

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