mom stuff

  • Sam will be moving up to the Toddler room on Oct 1! Until then, there will be short visits each day to get her used to it. I am not ready for this. She doesn’t even “toddle” yet! It makes me teary.
  • My car smelled like poo this morning. This was after I had already taken Sam into day care. I am hoping it has aired out by the time I am ready to go home today.
  • My kid had stinky feet yesterday. And I did not give her a bath last night, as I was told by my mommy friends that my child will not crumble into a pile of ashes if not bathed every evening. Why they could not have told me this sooner I do not know. So I guess that means Sam was The Stinky Kid at school today.
  • Sam likes to let Cooper lick her food before putting it in her own mouth. I’m pretending that she is a genius and has discovered that dog spit greatly improves the flavor of whole wheat waffles.
  • Sam associates the sound of the garage door opening with “Dada” and says it every time she hears it. Oh but wait, she also associates ANY sound, all toys, birds, planes, animals, songs, toothbrushes and random belly button lint with “Dada”. “Momma” does not exist in her brain.
  • I love her.

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