there are no capital letters in this post

i’m wearing what i call a “gramma sexy” shirt today. sexy without a jacket over it ’cause it’s got a keyhole back, high neck and sleeveless. but with the required corporate world jacket on over it, it looks kinda “gramma-ee”. but in a sexy gramma way if you know what i mean.

its monday and i had to come to work. i know you all feel sorry for me. too many meetings that required the presence of moi. but sok, friday off will be a kewl thing to look forward to and should propel me quite nicely through the rest of the week.

i just ate a pack of chocolate doughnuts and drank a diet coke. ’cause i’m complex like that. but now i need some salty to combat the sweet. pretzels? chips? which reminds me that i need to call my doc about the blood pressure issue. icky icky poo poo.

i have a blister on my toe and my feet are sweaty. i hate that sweaty stinky feet feelin’ don’t you? am i grossing you out yet? been walking all over the place today and forgot to stuff my chucks in my purse. speaking of those, here is a website for all things chucks. in case you’re bored. and of course you are, i mean, you just read about my sweaty feet. crazy people.

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