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31 Oct

Happy Birthday to my sweet dad! Love you so much! Be home soon! xoxoxo.

(I was going to post a cute picture of my dad and me but there was an unfortunate incident at my house yesterday and a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper decided to fall off the nightstand and straight onto and into my laptop. Hubs is trying to salvage it but we shall see. Soda was pouring out of that poor machine. If I have lost all my pictures and everything else that was on that computer…well, I might have a nervous breakdown.)

Happy Halloween to everyone else!

and here we are

28 Oct

So here I am, hiding out from my day job in a random-to-you coffee shop trying to think of something interesting to post.  And the words just don’t come. Nothing is in my brain suitable for this screen.

I’ve  been in a weird place lately. Well, maybe no weirder than I usually am. I guess it’s just me, being my restless, unpacified self.

Oh, here’s something random and I do love me some random. I’m going skydiving in 2010. Yep. Its on my Bucket List and 2010 is The Year. So, I’m telling you all so I don’t back out. Come January, one or more of you can say, hey, Finn, its 2010, time for skydiving right? And I’ll say “heck yeah” and there we go. Check it off.

I hate it when people invade my personal space uninvited. Or try to make chit-chat with me when I don’t feel like talking.

I am behind on my reading. I think I am reading about five books at once right now with not much hope of finishing any of them. Hmmmmm, that’s a metaphor for something I’m sure.

Today after a particularly annoying exchange with a particularly annoying person, it occurred to me once again that I have perfected the art of what I call, “The Fake Bubbly”. Happy happy joy joy smile smile nod nod yeah yeah uh huh uh huh. Repeat all damn day. A friend and I decided that this is a type of survival mechanism. We are analytical like that.

I think I am getting a headache. Maybe because it’s almost time to come out of hiding and go back to the desk. And hide under it. Ok not really. Three more hours to go. The countdown continues. But it’s not like I’m not trying. But I get why people don’t even try in the first place. Because failing is scary and it sucks.

Just overheard in random-to-you coffee shop…”you by yourself? i thought you’d bring some hot babe.” I rolled my eyes, as I am prone to do.

And I’ll leave you with that. Till next time. Ciao.

stuff and things

28 Oct

Seems like it’s been forever since I posted but its really only been a few days I guess.

Things are, eh. The work front is causing me major stress, depression and just general ickiness. But I can’t really write about all that here so suffice it to say, it sucks.

Otherwise, things are great. Sam is officially walking now. It is so cute and a bit bizarre. We have a big weekend planned with her. It is Halloween after all so we are going trick-or-treating at the zoo (no lie) if the weather holds, to a Halloween party at friends, as well as a few stops at family’s houses so Sam can show off her Titans cheerleader outfit. I mean, that’s a pretty scary costume this season isn’t it?

On Saturday before the Halloween festivities begin we’re getting her pictures taken by Angela Crutcher. She does fabulous work and took Sam’s pictures when she was a baby. Check out her blog, it is awesome. I can’t wait to see how these photos turn out!

Let’s see, what else I got…ohhhhhh, as you probably know since I’ve been raving about it all over Twitter and Facebook, I was fortunate enough to go see Lenny Kravitz  at The Ryman on Monday night.  Fantastico! I would  post pics but they all came out pretty crappy. So go here for way better pics of the event than I could ever hope to take. I went with two of my greatest gal pals and we had mad fun actin’ crazy.  Anywho, much to say about that but bottom line, it was all sorts of spectacular.

The End.

Dear Sam,

22 Oct

You might find this interesting when you get older. Or just further testament to your mother’s weird quirkiness.


Your father has gotten into this incredibly adorable habit of calling you “Buttercup” or “Butternut”. Don’t ask me what the whole “butter” theme is all about but isn’t that the cutest thing?

Your mother (that’s me), on the other hand, tends to call you “Stinker Butt” or “Booger”. Equally as adorable as “Butternut”, in my opinion, and much more truthful.

You should know that this is in no way an indication of which parent loves you more.

Just thought I would share that lil’ tidbit for posterity.

And now, here are a few pictures from the great “Pumpkin Patch Painting Party” of ’09 at day care. We trekked to the “pumpkin patch” and all the kiddos got to go pick their pumpkin. You, of course, picked the only one without a stem but that’s ok. It was still a beautiful gourd and you seemed quite proud of it.

IMG01342 IMG01344

And then, the chaos began. But it was fun chaos, and messy. Jars of paint were set out on a blanket and the madness commenced! You didn’t get what to do with the paintbrush at first so it promptly went into your mouth and your teeth became a lovely shade of bright blue. You screamed bloody murder and then decided to try and see if the green tasted better. It didn’t.


Once you got the hang of it and understood the whole “painting a pumpkin concept”, it was on. And you know what, your pumpkin turned out to be the ugliest pumpkin I’ve ever seen quite nice.


Of course, pumpkins being perishable, mommy will have to throw it out soon but wow, aren’t you glad I took these pictures to document the day and show all of the internets? You are gonna have some cool stuff to show any future boyfriends.


back to your regularly scheduled randomness

19 Oct

I bought a pumpkin today. Never bought a pumpkin before that I can recall. Here’s my question…is there a difference between a “pie pumpkin” (that’s what it says on the sticker) and one you use to carve a jack-o-lantern? Do I need to return my “pie pumpkin” for a “jack-o-lantern” pumpkin? ‘Cause you know I ain’t makin’ no dang pie! Or a jack-o-lantern either for that matter but I was instructed to bring one to Sam’s class so they can paint it or some such. Eh, a “pie pumpkin” will have to do.

I had the craziest dream last night. I dreamed (or is it “dreamt”?) that somehow I had an, ahem, compromising photo of the Queen of Austria (of which there is no such thing, right?) that I somehow magically got published on the front page of a Parisian newspaper. Ze Queen got royally pissed at me and was after my head. I had to run, physically RUN, from Paris, France to that beautiful country of neutrality, Switzerland. I can’t remember if I made it or not but I think I did. Anyone wanna analyze me?

are we sweet or what?

19 Oct

Because I’m tired of doom and gloom, here’s a cute picture of me and The Accountant. I love me a man in a suit!


when it rains…Updated….

17 Oct

I have a headache of the most massive proportions. It’s been a helluva weekend. And not in a good way.

The Accountant’s grandfather passed away on Friday morning. The funeral is a few hours away tomorrow. Then tonight, his grandmother (other side of the family) tripped over a cat and fell and hit her head on a step. She is really busted up and has some bleeding on the brain, broken bones and nose, etc. Not sure the full extent of all that yet.

If you have grandparents, go tell them you love them and don’t take them for granted.

And now I’m going to get all our “stuff” ready for tomorrow. Grandma T is taking care of Sam for the day so we will drop her off in the morning and then make the drive to the funeral.


Update: Better than expected report from doctor once she was transferred out of the ghetto hospital and into a good one. Cat scan showed a little bleeding on the brain but not as much as first thought. Has a broken nose, eyes are swollen shut, face and arms badly bruised and surgeon had to sew up her face. Not sure when she will come home but we are feeling much better about things late tonight. Must get to bed now as we have an early and long day tomorrow.

Sidenote: I went to the new gym and hopped on the treadmill for almost an hour. Great stress reliever except now I’m too wound up to sleep. But I feel better so I’ll take it.

UPDATE: Hub’s grandmother will be released from the hospital today! This is great news! Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and good vibes!

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