Happy Birthday to my sweet dad! Love you so much! Be home soon! xoxoxo. (I was going to post a cute picture of my dad and me but there was an unfortunate incident at my house yesterday and a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper decided to fall off the nightstand and straight onto and into... Continue Reading →

and here we are

So here I am, hiding out from my day job in a random-to-you coffee shop trying to think of something interesting to post.  And the words just don't come. Nothing is in my brain suitable for this screen. I've  been in a weird place lately. Well, maybe no weirder than I usually am. I guess it's just... Continue Reading →

stuff and things

Seems like it's been forever since I posted but its really only been a few days I guess. Things are, eh. The work front is causing me major stress, depression and just general ickiness. But I can't really write about all that here so suffice it to say, it sucks. Otherwise, things are great. Sam is... Continue Reading →

Dear Sam,

You might find this interesting when you get older. Or just further testament to your mother's weird quirkiness. Anywho. Your father has gotten into this incredibly adorable habit of calling you "Buttercup" or "Butternut". Don't ask me what the whole "butter" theme is all about but isn't that the cutest thing? Your mother (that's me),... Continue Reading →

when it rains…Updated….

I have a headache of the most massive proportions. It's been a helluva weekend. And not in a good way. The Accountant's grandfather passed away on Friday morning. The funeral is a few hours away tomorrow. Then tonight, his grandmother (other side of the family) tripped over a cat and fell and hit her head on... Continue Reading →

sleepy time? no.

I have tried very hard to like Conan O'Brien but I just don't. I booked my flight to NYC today! Going next month for a weekend. Tomorrow is my Friday. As I believe I have mentioned before. I ran for the first time in weeks tonight and it felt great. Much walking but some running.... Continue Reading →

fee foo fah

Yep, just made that title up. Straight from my brilliance. Be jealous. I am kind of digging this article...They're On Their Own. My parents didn't pay for my college. I had scholarships, loans and a job. I graduated. It worked out. Sort of. I'm not saying this is what The Accountant and I will do (especially... Continue Reading →

terrific tuesday post

I really struggle with my post titles. Can you tell? Heh. I woke up in a rather irritated mood this morning but am quickly turning my 'tude around because various good things have already happened and it's not even 10am yet. Wanna hear 'em? 1. Sam was in a semi-decent mood this morning even though... Continue Reading →


Ever hear someone talking but have no idea what they're saying and couldn't repeat it 2 seconds after? Yeah, I'm doing that today. Everyone sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher...wahwahwahwahwah. It is hot as hades in here and I'm not even kidding. Maybe it's my weird illness, maybe it's the hot soup I just ate for... Continue Reading →

good and bad

Good - My self diagnosis is that I do not have swine flu. I lost 7 pounds because of the non-swine flu. I feel some better. I will never eat pizza from Target again. Bad - I had to go back to work today. I have a headache from not eating for well over 24... Continue Reading →

for mom & grandma T

I don't want this blog to become the Sam Channel but I will intersperse teeny clips of babygirl every once in a while for your amusement (well ok, mostly for my mother and Grandma T's amusement). I'm not sure what's funnier about this one...The Accountant singing "Shake Your Booty" or Sam's dancing to it. Soon... Continue Reading →

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