stalling with cats, dogs & ears

So it’s Friday morning and I have the day off but am super busy. In my mind anyway. I’m physically not super busy because I am completely zoned out in bed with the laptop and a poptart. But trust me, in my brain I’m being productive. Need to get off my bum and pack for Sam and my overnight trip to the parent’s tonight. We will return tomorrow so don’t worry, you won’t even notice I’ve been away.

I got a new piercing yesterday. Wanna see? A somewhat odd one (to me anyway). Tragus (don’t you just love that word?)


I never thought I would be the piercing type but I seem to be somewhat addicted. So far I’ve only got a bunch of holes in various places in my ears (next up is third hole in left ear) and haven’t branched out to other body parts yet but who’s to say that I won’t? I’ve learned never to say never.



 Here’s the other ear, for comparison’s sake.


My cat is tickling my feet with his ears. This cat is a beaut as far as cats go. He is solid black with green eyes. Quite handsome if a bit quirky. His name is Cartman but I call him Carty. And yes, he is named after Cartman from Southpark. This was The Accountant’s doing but it suits him. The cat I mean.






To be perfectly honest though, after this cat kicks the proverbial bucket, I don’t think I’ll ever have another one. They are just too gross…(taps foot waiting for all the cat lovers to recover)…I’m much more of a dog person I think. I mean, look at this face!


How could you not be a dog person after seeing my sweet Cooper? I seriously love this guy. He drives me crazy sometimes but a better dog can not be found. I think I’m gonna go give him a kiss and a treat right now. And then make him help me pack.

Ciao! xoxo

3 thoughts on “stalling with cats, dogs & ears

  1. AWESOME. I’ve been considering the tragus, actually, as I need a new weird ear piercing. My rook didn’t work out so well, though, so I’m wondering if I need to spend the money on something that will just be irritated and, eventually, rejected.

    Haha. Sounds also like my love life.

  2. so you no longer have the rook? where did you get it done? i have the best piercer dude ever! or at least i think so…he is awesome! did the rook hurt?

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