for mom & grandma T

I don't want this blog to become the Sam Channel but I will intersperse teeny clips of babygirl every once in a while for your amusement (well ok, mostly for my mother and Grandma T's amusement). I'm not sure what's funnier about this one...The Accountant singing "Shake Your Booty" or Sam's dancing to it. Soon... Continue Reading →

i hate football & other stuff

Just kidding. I really love it but what's the deal Titans? Sigh. I mean, I know we can't win 'em all but just give me ONE! And how about we make that one the Colts game next weekend? 'Cause I'll beĀ at LP FieldĀ cheering you on against Peyton. Woot. So regardless of the debacle that is... Continue Reading →

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