i hate football & other stuff

Just kidding. I really love it but what’s the deal Titans? Sigh. I mean, I know we can’t win ’em all but just give me ONE! And how about we make that one the Colts game next weekend? ‘Cause I’ll be at LP Field cheering you on against Peyton. Woot. So regardless of the debacle that is this week’s game, I still have hope. Really.

This weekend has been madness. In a good way for the most part. Sam and I hit the road and headed west to mom and dad’s for an overnight visit. It went well overall. Sam is doing a little bit better riding in her new carseat but she gets tired of sitting in it after a while and just wants out. I don’t blame her. We got to spend quality time with my lil’ bro and sis-in-law-to-be. Sam took right up with SIL and loved making faces at her. Silly girls. Sleeping was, eh, difficult, but we made it through the night with only one waking episode by Sam and 3 or 4 by mommy. Heh. Made a quick visit to great-gramma and then a Chinese take-out pic-a-nic at Dad’s store. Wonderful time but glad to get home.

Today was church. Haha. This is turning into a joke actually. I think God might be looking down and laughing at me on Sunday mornings. But more about that later. Maybe.

For now I think it’s time to get off my butt and go for a run. It’s been too long. And this football game is making me irritable.

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