Ever hear someone talking but have no idea what they’re saying and couldn’t repeat it 2 seconds after? Yeah, I’m doing that today. Everyone sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher…wahwahwahwahwah.

It is hot as hades in here and I’m not even kidding. Maybe it’s my weird illness, maybe it’s the hot soup I just ate for lunch, maybe it’s this weird rash I seem to have developed today. Whatever. It’s still hot as hades in here.

I am going to bed as soon as Sam does tonight. I’ve done that the last two nights which means I’m in bed by 7:30 or so. Why I am telling the Internets this, I do not know. But since I’m passing along completely worthless information about my sleeping habits, I’ll also tell you that I always sleep in socks and wear one of those eyeshades. Because both of those are super sexy.

I kind of want to take Sam to the zoo this weekend before it gets too cold. I think she’d “get it” a little more now and who am I kidding, I love the zoo! Regarding the ankle biter, she is going to be a Titans cheerleader for Halloween but doesn’t know it yet. I figure the Titans need all the cheering they can get anyway, and she can wear it multiple times and won’t even realize that she’s wearing a “costume”. I’m a sneaky mommy like that.

Oh gotta go, someone is about to come in here and go “wahwahwahwahwahwahwah” and I don’t wanna miss it….(sensing the snark?)

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