well haaaiiiiii bloggy blog o’ blogginess!

So I know I’ve only been away a few short days, but I’ve missed my lil’ space here on the internets. Been busy with…well, honestly, I don’t even know. Nothing specific, just life stuff I guess. “Life Stuff”…that is such an indistinct term isn’t it? Anywho.

Let’s see, here’s some highlights from the past few days…

Had a “me day” last week. This entails taking Sam to daycare and coming back home or doing whatever I want. Last week it was coming back home and going back to bed for four glorious heavenly hours.

Had a lovely visit/dinner with Grandma T. Sam lurves her some Grandma T let me tell you! They crawled around on the floor and acted all kinds of goofy together. So cute. She really should come around more often. So sez I.

Hubs and I recruited a fabulous friend to stay with Sam while we went to the Titans/Colts game. We all know how that went. The game I mean. But it was just good to get out of the house, just the two of us. Along with however-many-thousands-of-people fit into LP Field. Eh, you know what I mean. We left at halftime anyway and had a late dinner downtown. Nice.

Hmmmmm….I feel like I have neglected to relay some major event in the life of Finn and Family but you don’t really care what I ate for supper the other night anyway do ya? Besides, I am drawing a blank so you will just have to suffer the not knowing.

It’s Monday. I go see LENNY Kravitz with ma girls in two weeks!!! I have no idea why I always capitalize his first name but I just do. Deal.

Do you ever just have something completely stupid pop into your head? Of course you don’t, but I do. All.The.Time. Here’s one from this morning’s drive in. Isn’t it totally counterintuitive* to buy and plant wildflower seeds, with the intention of these seeds growing into “wildflowers”? And if you do that, do the resulting flowers cease to be WILDflowers? I mean, given that you fiddle-farted around with nature and planted them on purpose and all? They can’t be “wild” then can they? Am I the only person who wonders about these things? Hello????

*did i spell and/or use that word correctly? i have been dying to say that word all day. shut up. you know you love me.

2 thoughts on “well haaaiiiiii bloggy blog o’ blogginess!

  1. Wasn’t it just the other day you were making fun of me for analyzing something too much?! I can’t remember what it was but you accused me of having an analytical mind. Ha!

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