fee foo fah

Yep, just made that title up. Straight from my brilliance. Be jealous. I am kind of digging this article…They’re On Their Own. My parents didn’t pay for my college. I had scholarships, loans and a job. I graduated. It worked out. Sort of. I’m not saying this is what The Accountant and I will do (especially since Mr. Mad Planner has already got a college savings account set … Continue reading fee foo fah

terrific tuesday post

I really struggle with my post titles. Can you tell? Heh. I woke up in a rather irritated mood this morning but am quickly turning my ‘tude around because various good things have already happened and it’s not even 10am yet. Wanna hear ’em? 1. Sam was in a semi-decent mood this morning even though she has a cold and is producing more snot than, … Continue reading terrific tuesday post