fee foo fah

Yep, just made that title up. Straight from my brilliance. Be jealous.

I am kind of digging this article…They’re On Their Own. My parents didn’t pay for my college. I had scholarships, loans and a job. I graduated. It worked out. Sort of. I’m not saying this is what The Accountant and I will do (especially since Mr. Mad Planner has already got a college savings account set up for the little bugger) but I think it makes sense. Besides, I might decide to go to New Zealand or somewheres with that money…ya never know.

You know what intimidates me? The spice aisle in the grocery. All those weird names of spices I don’t know what to do with in a million tiny jars. I once spent 30 minutes in that aisle looking for lemon zest. I am not even kidding. Sometimes I’m a complete clueless idiot.

Today I can say that “tomorrow I can say that tomorrow is my Friday”. Capiche? In other words, I’m off Friday. Can I get a woot woot? Thank you. Again, be jealous. Hubs and I have plans for a much needed lovely day together.  Today was icky. I am completely burned out, completely apathetic, completely freakin’ done. I am a body in a chair, a talking head. Blurgity blurgity bloo.

Let’s see, what else…oh, hmmmm, apparently my brilliance is over for the night. G’night. Peace.

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