terrific tuesday post

I really struggle with my post titles. Can you tell? Heh.

I woke up in a rather irritated mood this morning but am quickly turning my ‘tude around because various good things have already happened and it’s not even 10am yet. Wanna hear ’em?

1. Sam was in a semi-decent mood this morning even though she has a cold and is producing more snot than, well, than I don’t know what, but it is a LOT of snot. She didn’t cry or whine when I dropped her off at “school” this morning as she has been doing some of lately. Oh, and there is this adorable little boy who has been greeting me at the classroom door the last few days. He just smiles so big and waves like I’m the grandest thing ever. It must be the hair.

2. My co-worker and partner in crime brought me a yummy greasy fast food breakfast that I will inhale now and regret later. I love fast food y’all. Cringe if you must but I love every poisonous chemical, every trans fat particle, and every artificial ingredient in it. So there.

3. A particular something that I can’t really mention on here as it pertains to The Man. But I had to include it in the list. I mean, it’s not THAT great of a thing but will do me for today.

4. I have Pandora on my computer and it is rockin’ some great tunes. And the best part is that when I get bored with one station I can change to a different genre and get to be surprised with each song selection, and ditch it if I don’t like it. I’m thinking there is a life metaphor in there somewhere.

5. This.




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