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19 Oct

I bought a pumpkin today. Never bought a pumpkin before that I can recall. Here’s my question…is there a difference between a “pie pumpkin” (that’s what it says on the sticker) and one you use to carve a jack-o-lantern? Do I need to return my “pie pumpkin” for a “jack-o-lantern” pumpkin? ‘Cause you know I ain’t makin’ no dang pie! Or a jack-o-lantern either for that matter but I was instructed to bring one to Sam’s class so they can paint it or some such. Eh, a “pie pumpkin” will have to do.

I had the¬†craziest dream last night. I dreamed (or is it “dreamt”?) that somehow I had an, ahem, compromising photo of the Queen of Austria (of which there is no such thing, right?) that I somehow magically got published on the front page of a Parisian newspaper. Ze Queen got royally pissed at me and was after my head. I had to run, physically RUN, from Paris, France to that beautiful country of neutrality, Switzerland. I can’t remember if I made it or not but I think I did. Anyone wanna analyze me?

are we sweet or what?

19 Oct

Because I’m tired of doom and gloom, here’s a cute picture of me and The Accountant. I love me a man in a suit!


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