Dear Sam,

You might find this interesting when you get older. Or just further testament to your mother’s weird quirkiness.


Your father has gotten into this incredibly adorable habit of calling you “Buttercup” or “Butternut”. Don’t ask me what the whole “butter” theme is all about but isn’t that the cutest thing?

Your mother (that’s me), on the other hand, tends to call you “Stinker Butt” or “Booger”. Equally as adorable as “Butternut”, in my opinion, and much more truthful.

You should know that this is in no way an indication of which parent loves you more.

Just thought I would share that lil’ tidbit for posterity.

And now, here are a few pictures from the great “Pumpkin Patch Painting Party” of ’09 at day care. We trekked to the “pumpkin patch” and all the kiddos got to go pick their pumpkin. You, of course, picked the only one without a stem but that’s ok. It was still a beautiful gourd and you seemed quite proud of it.

IMG01342 IMG01344

And then, the chaos began. But it was fun chaos, and messy. Jars of paint were set out on a blanket and the madness commenced! You didn’t get what to do with the paintbrush at first so it promptly went into your mouth and your teeth became a lovely shade of bright blue. You screamed bloody murder and then decided to try and see if the green tasted better. It didn’t.


Once you got the hang of it and understood the whole “painting a pumpkin concept”, it was on. And you know what, your pumpkin turned out to be the ugliest pumpkin I’ve ever seen quite nice.


Of course, pumpkins being perishable, mommy will have to throw it out soon but wow, aren’t you glad I took these pictures to document the day and show all of the internets? You are gonna have some cool stuff to show any future boyfriends.


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