and here we are

So here I am, hiding out from my day job in a random-to-you coffee shop trying to think of something interesting to post.  And the words just don’t come. Nothing is in my brain suitable for this screen.

I’ve  been in a weird place lately. Well, maybe no weirder than I usually am. I guess it’s just me, being my restless, unpacified self.

Oh, here’s something random and I do love me some random. I’m going skydiving in 2010. Yep. Its on my Bucket List and 2010 is The Year. So, I’m telling you all so I don’t back out. Come January, one or more of you can say, hey, Finn, its 2010, time for skydiving right? And I’ll say “heck yeah” and there we go. Check it off.

I hate it when people invade my personal space uninvited. Or try to make chit-chat with me when I don’t feel like talking.

I am behind on my reading. I think I am reading about five books at once right now with not much hope of finishing any of them. Hmmmmm, that’s a metaphor for something I’m sure.

Today after a particularly annoying exchange with a particularly annoying person, it occurred to me once again that I have perfected the art of what I call, “The Fake Bubbly”. Happy happy joy joy smile smile nod nod yeah yeah uh huh uh huh. Repeat all damn day. A friend and I decided that this is a type of survival mechanism. We are analytical like that.

I think I am getting a headache. Maybe because it’s almost time to come out of hiding and go back to the desk. And hide under it. Ok not really. Three more hours to go. The countdown continues. But it’s not like I’m not trying. But I get why people don’t even try in the first place. Because failing is scary and it sucks.

Just overheard in random-to-you coffee shop…”you by yourself? i thought you’d bring some hot babe.” I rolled my eyes, as I am prone to do.

And I’ll leave you with that. Till next time. Ciao.

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